How the Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg established E-Commerce Companies


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are well-established businessmen who have founded several successful online businesses. Mr. Ressler’s debut venture was, which primarily dealt with weight management. The company prospered well, and its ownership was later transferred to Intermix Media, where Adam worked as a COO. The two businessmen then joined their skills and established Alena Media that also focused on online marketing. The firm made good returns for the entrepreneurs, and it also attracted many clients. The News Corp gained a lot of interest in Intermix Media, and it purchased it in 2005. The business later failed due to mismanagement.


Don and Adam were disappointed by the fall of Intermix Media, and they opted to establish a new e-commerce and branding firm that they could operate anonymously. They invited some of the former staff of the Alena Media, and they brainstormed ideas together. The duo then created Brand Ideas, and after a while, they renamed it Intelligent Beauty. The firm offered excellent branding solutions to its clients, but it did not make the returns that they expected. They decided to expand their business by forming subsidiaries that offered cosmetics and solutions for weight loss, and they are DERMSTORE and SENSA. The branches have been profitable to the businessmen since their products have reached many clients across the globe. Intelligence Beauty’s head of creativity is Kimora Lee while Dr. Alam Hirsch oversees its production activities.


Intelligent Beauty expanded further by forming a third party business that was known as JustFab. The company was launched in 2010, and the businessmen got capital from the Matrix Partners, which offered $33 million. The success of the firm was rapid since it managed to gain four million customers by December 2010. The number of people who had subscribed to its services rose to more than six million by April 2013. Various investors noticed the progress of JustFab, and it was easy for its founders to seek for more funding. Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, Intelligence Beauty, and Rho Ventures offered a total of $76 million.


Under JustFab Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also created subsidiaries, reported here by the LA Times. They include FabKids and Fabletics, which provide children wear and athletic wear respectively. The company was offered $40 million to support Fabletics. JustFab also acquired a European e-commerce giant which is known as Fab Shoes. The company has many members in Europe, and it assisted JustFab to gain more than three million clients from the continent. JustFab has received $250 million from investors.

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